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Message from the Management

Takahisa Kuno: President & Representative Director

Contributing to Society through the Pursuit of “Good Flavor, Health, and Beauty”

As a leading company in the field of edible oils, the Nisshin OilliO Group has, since its founding, utilized the very best technologies to extract “The Natural Power of Plants” and deliver it to users in three forms—“good flavor, health and beauty”

At present the Nisshin OilliO Group is promoting a medium-term management plan, “OilliO Value Up 2020,” covering the four years from fiscal 2017 to fiscal 2020. The plan sets out three key themes: “Globalization, Technological Innovation,” and “Strategic Marketing,” and the Group will continue with the business structure reforms it has made through to fiscal 2016, while pivoting to more of a growth stance going forward with the goal of further increasing its corporate value.

We aim to raise our profile both in Japan and overseas. To this end, we are expanding the health science business, which contributed to society through “the power of health and energy,” providing solutions to customers' needs and issues by utilizing the superb oils and fats technologies we have cultivated over the 110 years since our founding, and expanding our overseas operations by aggressively investing management resources.

As a food manufacturer, our mission is to offer our customers a steady, continuous supply of safe and reliable products and services.

From now on also we will make use of the world's precious resources to deliver valuable products and services with high levels of technology and quality and, through our pursuit of “good flavor, health, and beauty,” contribute to society by supporting people's eating habits.