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Medium-Term Management Plan

The Nisshin OilliO Group has launched a medium-term management plan covering the three years from fiscal 2014 to fiscal 2016.

Our Desired Vision and Direction

Armed with strong brand power and original technology, we aim to become a corporate group conducting the oils and fats and related businesses on a global scale.

Basic Policy

Centered on the improvement of earnings in our core oils and fats business, we will build a solid earnings base for the future.

Domestic oils and fats business
—Achievement of stable earnings—

We will seek to achieve an ordinary income of ¥6 billion (including cost reductions) through continuous product development and the ensuring of a sales volume of 630,000 tons to expand gross profits and maintain stable earnings.

Processed oils and fats business
—Steady expansion of earnings as second pillar after the domestic oils and fats business—

We will seek to achieve an ordinary income of ¥3 billion through expansion of the domestic processed oils and fats business, increase of the earnings of Intercontinental Specialty Fats Sdn. Bhd., and promotion of our Asian strategy.

Fine chemicals business, healthy foods business, medium-chain triglyceride business
—Business expansion and growth—

We will seek to expand and grow these businesses to solidify the Group’s income base through business development utilizing our original technologies and strengths.

Production and distribution cost reforms
—Cost reductions through implementation of production and distribution optimization plan—

We will seek to build a structure that reduces costs by ¥3 billion in fiscal 2015 compared with fiscal 2012 through implementation of the production and distribution optimization plan for flexible response to the environment.

Numerical Targets

Targets of the FY2014 - FY2016 Medium-Term Management Plan
—Aiming for a consolidated ordinary income of over ¥11 billion in FY 2016—