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Corporate Report

President's Message

Takahisa Kuno: President and Representative DirectorLaunching a new medium-term management plan to achieve further growth

 As the new president of Nisshin OilliO, I reaffirm our commitment to achieving rapid progress as a global company through further business expansion overseas, as well as in Japan. At the same time, we are continuing to place priority on safety and security, and the development of products that offer value to consumers by using technologies cultivated over the Nisshin OilliO Group’s long 110-year history.
Our goal is to maximize our various management resources to transform ourselves into an alluring corporate group that receives a high level of support from stakeholders in Japan and abroad.

Moving toward further rapid progress

 The Nisshin OilliO Group launched its new medium-term management plan, dubbed OilliO Value Up 2020, in FY2017. The goal of this medium-term management plan is to provide consumers with a wide range of options for creating bountiful dining tables by expanding on the technologies related to oils and fats that we have cultivated over the past 110 years. We also aim to become a company that contributes to the health of people everywhere.
We have achieved a certain degree of success with the business structure reforms carried out thus far. This is evidenced by the four consecutive fiscal years of profit growth. We believe the outcome we have seen is definitely positive.
The new medium-term management plan contains three main keywords—globalization, technological innovation, and strategic marketing—and five major growth strategies. We plan to continue to engage in the business structure reforms executed thus far and look to embark on a new stage aimed to take us to a new plateau for growth.

Health Science business, a new pillar

 Of the five growth strategies in the new medium-term management plan, we are particularly focused on pouring energies into the expansion of the Health Science business. In this domain, we have been involved in the research and development of Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT) for more than 40 years. While MCT is gaining attention for its various possibilities, our focus is not solely on launching a wide range of products related to MCT. We are also looking to discover new functions.
Moving forward, we anticipate the field of health sciences will expand in Japan, where society is aging at a particularly rapid pace. In addition, countries in Asia will also have to confront the issue of an aging society. Demand is also growing for health science in the United State and Europe. Further out we plan to take this business global so we are currently nurturing health science to become one of the pillars of our growth strategies.

Management reforms are a platform for growth

 We are newly promoting the implementation of management that focuses on ESG (environment, society and governance) management as one measure to strengthen the platform that underlies our growth strategies. We operate businesses globally, including procuring raw materials from overseas and we are also a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact. We fully recognize key management issues that are directly related to the growth of the Nisshin OilliO Group as reflected by our strong awareness of ESG and implementation of global management for the realization of a sustainable society.
Health management of our employees is one theme we aim to emphasize in our management going forward. As we are a company that aims to contribute to the health of the public, it is essential that our employees, who carry out our business operations, are healthy.
In addition, the development of an environment in which diverse personnel can effectively employ their talents is vital to the achievement of a new spurt of growth. In 2016, we added one female Outside Director and one female Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member. I believe this has further energized discussions. We are also looking to enhance productivity by implementing additional workstyle reforms by creating an environment that is conducive to the performance of diverse personnel.
In the new medium-term management plan, we aim for operating income of ¥13.0 billion or higher and an ROE of 7% or higher in FY2020. Our objective is to attain rapid progress by working as one to achieve the goals in our management plan. We also look to contribute to society by satisfying the expectations of our stakeholders.


Takahisa Kuno
President and Representative Director
The Nisshin OilliO Group, Ltd.

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