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Business Domains

Seeking Out “Good flavor, health and beauty”

Oil and Meal and Processed Food Businesses

We make maximum use of "the natural power of plants” in oil and fat materials such as edible oils and meal for food and livestock feed (oil meals) to develop and sell products that use its proprietary technologies to improve quality of life. For example, we support daily diets as well as foods for lifestyle-related diseases and foods for the elderly and those in nursing care.

Processed Oil and Fat Business

We develop and sell edible oils for food processing suited to various applications, such as oils and fats based on palm oil.
As well as our business sites in Japan, we have sites around the world in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and other places.

Fine Chemicals Business

We develop and sell functional raw materials for use in the fields of cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, industrial products, and chemical products.
We have bases in Japan as well as Spain and Shanghai, and we are developing our business globally.


Our other businesses include logistics, information-related services, sales promotions, and insurance agency businesses.

Health Science Business

Along with the abovementioned business activities, we also operate the Health Science Business, which spans all of the Company’s businesses.
We will contribute to society by providing consumers with “the power of health and energy” that are essential at each stage of life through wellness recommendations developed using proprietary technologies.