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CSR at the Nisshin OilliO Group

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) means companies are expected as a matter of course to fulfill their legal responsibilities, while at the same time meeting the expectations of their stakeholders.

The Nisshin OilliO Group, in accordance with the Group's social action policy, conducts a broad range of CSR activities for the customers, business partners, shareholders and employees that constitute its stakeholders.

Policy Measures for Stakeholders

The Group formulated its basic policy for CSR measures in 2005. We designated as stakeholders our customers, business partners, shareholders and investors, and employees, as well as society and the environment. We devised CSR policies for each type of stakeholder and are implementing appropriate measures.

CSR Highlights

Participation in the United Nations Global Compact

The Nisshin OilliO Group, Ltd., joined the United Nations Global Compact in July 2011. The Global Compact presents universal principles for organizations to observe in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption.

The Company aspires to be a global corporation. By adopting Global Compact principles, we are strengthening our CSR efforts in response to the trust placed in us by our stakeholders. We will instill these 10 principles in the corporate culture, and incorporate them into our business activities.

For Our Customers

In keeping with our core concepts of “good flavor, health, and beauty,” we persistently provide a stable supply of safe and dependable products and services that offer value to customers.

Nisshin OilliO has developed an oxidation blocking production method that helps oil to remain fresher longer. The proprietary technology shuts out the oxygen that reacts with the oil and degrades it. By preserving the fresh taste of newly made oil for longer, the technique keeps the oil fresher, even after the bottle has been opened.

With Our Business Partners

We establish relationships with our partners based on fairness and mutual trust. This enables us to jointly develop products and markets and achieve growth together.

Nisshin OilliO is working to develop containers in collaboration with business partners in order to improve products in line with customers' needs. Such joint efforts have led to the development of a new PET bottle that is 20% lighter and easily compacted for disposal, while offering improved ease of use and reduced environmental impact.

With Our Shareholders and Investors

On the basis of healthy growth and stable corporate earnings, we strive to build positive relationships through two-way communication with shareholders, enhance shareholder value, and provide appropriate returns of earnings. We also provide ample and proper disclosure to investors.

We organize plant tours for shareholders. As well as inspecting the edible oil manufacturing process, after the tour participants attend an informal gathering at which they can engage in discussions with directors and employees. We also hold IR seminars in various parts of Japan to explain the company and our business.

With Our Employees

We maintain a work environment that provides each individual member of the organization with a vibrant, safe, and sanitary workplace where they can work with a continual sense of personal growth, motivated by a professional work ethic and a sense of achievement.

The aims to provide working environments conducive to physical and mental health, where employees can exercise their abilities to the fullest extent. To this end, we actively work to develop the individual capabilities of each employee and to foster a healthy work life balance and support the development of our next generation of employees.

For Society

Developing together with society, we contribute to society as a good corporate citizen, conduct constructive corporate activities, and encourage proactive communication as a member of the international community.

As a council member for the Japan Association for the United Nations World Food Programme, Nisshin OilliO participated in charity walks and other activities. We also provide food and nutritional support for athletes representing Japan and support for the Japan U-12 Football Championship as a means of contributing to wider public health by stimulating interest in sports.

For the Environment

We are helping to build a resource recycling-oriented society by harnessing “The Natural Power of Plants” with technologies for the future. We develop and provide environment-friendly products and services in all aspects of our operations, from procurement of ingredients and raw materials to production, delivery, use, and disposal.

As a means of emphasizing that reducing the environmental load in our business activities is a company-wide issue, we have set environmental targets for each business division. The manufacturing division, for example, has set targets for unit reductions in CO2 emissions and is continuing efforts toward zero emissions. The drive to conserve resources and energy extends not only to logistics and materials but also to administrative operations.