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Sustainable Approach

The Nisshin OilliO Group established Palm Oil Sourcing Policy on the basis of our Basic Procurement Policy, in order to contribute to sound development of palm oil industry and to improve supply chain. We will keep on striving to promote sustainable palm oil sourcing, deepening our understanding and recognition of environmental and social issues related to palm oil industry.

Certified Volume Sourced / Traceability to mill

Following is the survey report on palm oil we sourced

Palm Oil
Palm Kernel Oil
Others(Fatty acid, Glycerin)
Certified Volume Sourced Traceability to mill
January to June 2019 41.6% 99.3%
January to December 2018 43.8% 96.1%

※All suppliers of Nisshin are 100% risk assessed through desktop and geospatial analysis by 3rd party.