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Annual Review

Consolidated Financial Results for Fiscal 2019

In fiscal 2019, ended March 31, 2020, consolidated net sales amounted to ¥333,416 million, down 2.8% from fiscal 2018. Operating income rose 1.4% year on year, to ¥13,133 million, and ordinary income declined 7.9%, to ¥12,634 million. Net income attributable to owners of parent was down 8.3%, to ¥8,293 million. Operating income is one of the key performance indicators set under our medium-term management plan. Due to expansion of high value-added businesses and other factors, we posted a record-high figure for operating income and achieved the target of the plan one year ahead of schedule.

Towards the Final Year of “OilliO Value Up 2020”

Fiscal 2020 is the final year of “OilliO Value Up 2020,” our medium-term management plan. Due to the spread of COVID-19, we expect the year to be challenging performance-wise. Nevertheless, we will fulfill our responsibilities as a provider of food, which is essential to our daily lives, to ensure stable supplies of food while paying full attention to preventing infections among employees. At the same time, we will steadily implement our three basic policies: (1) Secure stable income from sales of domestic general-purpose oils; (2) Continue expanding our overseas business; and (3) Pursue a diversity of high value-added businesses. By fulfilling our Group mission, which is to deploy “The Natural Power of Plants” for the benefit of society, we aim to achieve sustainable growth and increase corporate value in the future.

* For details on the medium-term management plan, please see pages 4 and 5.

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