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Message from Management

Since its founding, The Nisshin OilliO Group has been a leading company in the field of edible oils, using unparalleled technology to bring out the three powers of plants: the power to improve flavor, the power to enhance health, and the power to elevate beauty. In recent years, environmental problems and other social issues have been accumulating on a global scale. In Japan, major changes have already begun, reflected in a rapidly falling birthrate, aging population, and full-scale population decline. The situation has been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, adding higher levels of uncertainty. These factors have led to a global transformation and diversification of consumption and lifestyle behaviors, meaning that traditional business methods and ways of thinking are no longer applicable. As a corporate citizen, The Nisshin OilliO Group is expected to contribute more than ever to the sustainability of our society.
Based on this recognition, we formulated “The Nisshin OilliO Group Vision 2030” with the aim of clarifying our “Corporate Vision towards 2030” and our “Strategic Guidelines” from a long-term perspective. Our aim here is to achieve sustainable growth in the future and help realize a sustainable society. The Group’s “Corporate Vision towards 2030” is described below.
Our objective is to co-create new food functions, leveraging “The Natural Power of Plants” and the strengths obtained from mastering oils and fats.
We shall strive to generate diverse values and deliver “energy for living” to everyone.
From our perspective, “The Natural Power of Plants” is the foundation for value creation, and we firmly believe that embracing an attitude of respect for plant resources will be the source of sustainable growth for the Group.
We will continue utilizing the world’s precious plant resources to deliver valuable products and services from the customer’s perspective through our high levels of technology and product quality. Our aim is to foster the development of people, society, and the economy through our pursuit of “good flavor, health, and beauty.”

Takahisa Kuno, Representative Director and President

The Nisshin OilliO Group, Ltd.