Nisshin OilliO Provides a Wide Range of Products Based on Trusted Traditions and Technologies.

We are leveraging technologies we cultivated in our oils and fats businesses in a variety of fields.
For example, foods for nursing care patients and healthy foods make use of oil since it is easily converted into energy. Vegetable oil makes for safety in machinery lubricant applications because it is safe even if swallowed.
By developing all manner of materials and technologies for other business fields, we are opening up a world of new potential.

Household products

Edible oils for house hold use

Commercial products

edible oils for commercial use
edible oils for food processing
Processed palm oil products
oils and fats for chocolate

Fine chemicals

Raw materials for cosmetics
Medium-chain triglycerides
Food ingredients
Chemical products, etc.

Elderly / nursing food

Foods for the elderly and nursing care patients, etc.