Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

1.To contribute to the development of people, society and the economy by maximizing our corporate value.
2.To tirelessly develop a creative and growing business by seeking out "good flavor, health and beauty".
3.To conduct ourselves as a responsible member of global society.

We believe that our mission involves helping to make people happy and continuously contributing to socio-economic growth as a corporate group that maintains value with respect to all of our stakeholders, including our customers, business partners, shareholders and investors, employees, and society.
To such ends, we will persistently serve as a corporate group that is constantly developing and evolving by creating new value and providing it to society, drawing on our concept of seeking “good flavor, health and beauty” based on food-related technologies we have built up over the years, particularly with regard to vegetable oil.
We will also continue fulfilling our responsibilities as a member of society by proactively engaging in initiatives to address global environmental challenges, embracing business ethics, and complying with laws and regulations.

Core Commitment

The Nisshin OilliO Group has drawn up its Core Commitment enlisting the concept of honoring its commitment to its stakeholders, including customers, business partners, shareholders and investors, employees, and society.
Each and every one of our employees acts in a manner that reflects his or her sense of ownership with respect to the Core Commitment on a daily basis.

Corporate Statement

Corporate Brand

Corporate brand logo

Naming of the brand

The name “OilliO” is formed by combining the word “Oil” with “Oil” spelled in reverse (liO). Given that The Nisshin OilliO Group’s origins are in the realm of oils, the “OilliO” name reflects our determination to seek expansion in business involving oils and even go beyond that domain, while continuing to place value on our origins in the oil refining industry.

Logo design

The brand colors are orange and yellow. The Group’s logo is designed to resemble a radiant smile to symbolize the notion that our products and services help give rise to healthy and happy lives. The logo’s symmetrical letters connected by a curved line portrays our resounding determination when it comes to the future of The Nisshin OilliO Group.